canoe, part 8: sanding sanding sanding

Once the hull was finished, the glue needed to come of and the hull had to be planed and sanded smooth. This would normally have taken a day or so with a sander. However, this was not an option in the living room. Instead I used a plane and mostly scrapers of different kind, as well as 40 grit hand sandpaper. It took ages, but the kids could help and so did my patient father, who loves these kind of jobs (he’s a painter, and if you see his work here, you will understand).
By this time the canoe had been with us for a couple of month and it was still causing a lot of surprise to everyone entering our flat. It also redefined the worldview of our kids. Repeatedly I had told them, that unfortunately they could not help me take the dried glue off, because this glue can be harmful, and that only grown ups are allowed to do it. One day when my daughter was asked what the difference is between a kid and an adult she confidently answered: “a grown up is someone who is allowed to take the glue off the canoe!

my dad, patiently scraping of glue and getting the stern in shape...

my dad, patiently scraping of glue and getting the stern in shape…

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