canoe, part 7: finishing the planking

Planking is one of the things that starts easy and then gets more difficult as you go. The shape of the hull requires the strips attached in the middle to be bend in several dimensions, which makes handling them really difficult. This is where I really wanted a better stapler that could take much longer staples (or I should have chosen wood for the molds that holds the staples better (my staples where 14mm, and got ripped out by the force of the bending wood very often)). I used clamps, old bicycle tubes and a lot of gaffer tape (yes, every project needs some gaffer tape) to try and force the strips into the shape and often I got frustrated, but somehow you manage to get past that part.

However, then starts a new challenge which is to bend the strips along their shortest edge, and in my case to fit them to the exact length. To close the hull most people close one side, then cut down the middle and then close the other side, but I wanted the strips to run into each other as you can see on the photograph.

getting closer...

getting closer…



To add the final strip took a lot of tries, but when it was finished, what a moment!!!
the last strip goes in

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