canoe, part 5: shaping the stems, starting with the planking

After the mold was set up the inner stems were attached (with clamps) and had to be shaped to receive the planking. I did this with a plane, most people not working inside a living room, simply use a sander. A difficulty lies in foreseeing the edge that the stems need to have. With sanding its not a big deal to shape the stem only for an area of four or five planks and then see what shape the next area needs to have. with a plane its really difficult to do that…

After the stems are in the right shape where the first plank goes, a pretty scary part starts. Planking. Especially the first plank got me nervous. From here on every plank will sit on the next, so the first plank really has to sit at the right spot, have the right bend towards the stern and the two opposing planks have to be exactly symmetrical, the length to the centre the same, so that afterĀ  planking all the hull, the last planks are actually sitting in the middle. As is so often the case, everything is much easier once you start. In the beginning the most difficult part is to handle the long planks. Flex clamps are king here….After stapling the first plank to the mold stations, the end is glued to the inner stem.

the first plank. yeah.

the first plank. yeah.

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