canoe, part 12: making the thwart and the seats

from the same piece of ash I used for the gunwales I cut out strips of 3 by 3 cm pieces for the seats, and a thwart for the middle that I shaped like a yoke for easier portage.
For the seats I used parts of an old sail from the sailboat my parents had had. I sew them so that the cloth went over the seat and then could be tied up under the seat, which worked well. The only problem I had was that I tried to color them red, which didn’t work at all because the sail seems to have some coat on it. They where now PINK!!! Yeah. Later I used a different color that got painted on and that worked…
I did not install the seats before the canoe was out of the living room, but prepared them. The thwart was only installed temporarily to get the canoe out and was also finished later.

sewing can be fun as well...

sewing can be fun as well…

trying to find the perfect position for the seats

trying to find the perfect position for the seats

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