canoe, part 1: a canoe in the living room?

As a child I spent considerable time on our family boat, a wooden schooner from 1935. Ever since, it was always my dream to build a boat myself and sail the world. While being in the final stages of writing my dissertation, the idea came to me, that with small kids, and living in the middle of Berlin, a canoe would be a large enough project for now. After watching all the videos of people building canoes that are out there, I bought the “canoecraft” book by Ted Moores. Throughout all of the final phase of writing my thesis, the book was there to be looked at in the evening and dream about actually doing this. Only problem, I had no workshop, except for little self build workbench in the hall way of our flat. After some thinking I came to the conclusion that there really wasn`t any other option than to build it in the living room. I had to convince my flatmates that our living room would still be functional and that I would do the sanding of the epoxy, which is pretty harmful stuff, when the canoe was stable enough to be lifted out of the window, lowered to the ground and sit in the little garden that friends had in our street. Eventually they said yes to the project, most likely because they thought I would never do it anyway. After submission of my thesis I started and proved them wrong.


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